Monday, June 1, 2009

Emperor dragonflies

We have had loads of Emperor dragonflies emerging from our pond in the last week. Here, an adult is hatching from its exuvia, surrounded by lots of other old ones hanging from the Water Soldier leaves.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My dream of Miffords

We were walking in the desert in Egypt. I looked at the moon and said:

"The moon is in the wrong aspect ratio"

Jasmine said: "EDDDDDDDD!"

But Daddy said: "I agree, it is the wrong aspect ratio".

We walked into a forest where there were loads of lemur-like creatures. They were running away, so we ran after them (but Jasmine didn't want to run).

We came to a lake where an Elephant was having a bath.

I said to Dad:

"Have you got our swimming costumes in that bag?"

Dad said: "No"

I said: "So, do we have to snorkel naked, then?"

He said: "No, I have got Sports Miffords"